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Future Forests - Herbs. Suitable for Mail Order. Updated 10th October 2017

Name Variety Botanical name Notes Pot Size Euro

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  Aloe vera   Green succulent leaf 9cm 4.00
    v. 'Black Gem'   Darker and more compact than above 9cm 4.00
  Angelica archangelica Angelica Fragrant leaves, white flowers, tall 9cm 3.00
  Artichoke globe Cynara scolymus Tall striking flower-heads, beautiful and delicious    
  Bay   Laurus nobilis Evergreen leathery aromatic leaf 9cm 4.00
  Bergamot   Monarda didyma Delicate scent, Earl Grey tea !    
  Cardoon   Cynara cardunculus Architectural grey green leaves, tall purple flowers    
  Catmint lesser Nepeta mussinii Grey green leaf, purple / blue flowers    
    nepitella Calamintha nepeta Compact mound of soft leaves, pale lavender flws    
  Catnip   Nepeta cataria Felines just love it !    
  Chamomile roman Chamaemelum nobile Scented leaves, daisy flowers, grows to 30cm tall 9cm 3.00
    treneague   Lawn chamomile    
  Chives     Grass like onion leaves, purple ball flowers 9cm 3.00
    garlic   More of a garlic taste and scent    
  Clary Sage      Salvia sclarea Pale lilac flowers, seed-heads, biennial needs sun    
    meadow Salvia pratensis Rich violet blue flower spikes to 1m in summer    
  Comfrey   Symphytum ibericum Wide mound with pink / mauve tubular flowers    
    grand. 'Wisley Blue'   Strong grower, mauve / blue flowers    
  Coriander   Coriandrum sativum Annual. Fine aromatic leaves, spicy seeds    
    vietnamese Persicaria odorata Low spreading green foliage with dark markings    
  Curry Plant   Helichrysum Aromatic grey foliage 9cm 3.00
  Dill   Anethum graveolens Annual herb, fine foliage, yellow flowers, seeds    
  Elecampagne    Inula helenium Tall to 2m, large yellow daisy flowers in summer    
  Evening Primrose        Oenothera biennis Biennial. Tall spikes of golden yellow flowers    
  Flax              blue Linum perennae Clear blue flowers in summer    
  Fennel bronze Foeniculum v. Purpurea Feathery bronze foliage, tall growing 9cm 3.00
    green Foeniculum Feathery green foliage with aniseed flavour 9cm 3.00
  Feverfew golden   Golden leaves, daisy flowers on wiry stems 9cm 3.00
  Garlic     Well known, plant out to get a good bulb    
  Golden Rod     european Solidago virgaurea Spires of nectar rich golden flowers 60cm 7-9    
  Horseradish   Armoracia rusticana Grown for its root. Very vigorous 9cm 3.00
  Hysopp             Agastache Aromatic foliage, spikes of lavender flowers, tall 9cm 3.00
    anise, white Agastache f. 'Snow Spike' This variety has white flower spikes    
    golden Agastache f. 'Golden Jubilee' Rich yellow leaves, mauve flowers    
  Lavender angustifolia  (in variety) Lavendula English Lavender, spikes of scented flowers 50cm 9cm 3.00
    stoechas (in variety)   French Lavender, tufted flower heads    
  Lemon Balm   Melissa officinalis Strong bush, lemon scented foliage 9cm 3.00
    variegated Melissa off. variegata Scented golden yellow / green variegated leaves    
  Lemon Grass       1lt 4.50
  Lemon Verbena   Lippia citrodoria Glossy leaves have strong lemon fragrance 1lt 4.50
  Liquorice         Glycyrrhiza glabra Airy leaves, blue flowers late summer, seed pods    
  Lovage   Levisticum officinale Hardy perennial, large bush    
  Mace               Achillea ageratum Clusters of yellow flowers July to Sept, sun    
  Maral Root       Rhaponticum carthamoides Tall 'thistle' like pink mauve flowers to 130cm    
  Marigold pot Calendula Cheerful orange daisy flowers    
  Marjoram common Origanum vulgare Likes sun and well drained soil    
    compact   As above but better behaved ! good in pots    
    golden Origanum v. 'Aureum'' Bright golden leaves 9cm 3.00
    gold tipped Origanum v. 'Gold Tip' Green leaf with bright gold splash 9cm 3.00
    pot Origanum onites Soft leaves, white to purple flowers 30cm    
  Mint applemint   Variegated foliage 9cm 3.00
    banana   Something different !    
    basil   Distinct 'basil' flavour....two in one ! 9cm 3.00
    black peppermint Mentha x piperata Very dark stems and leaves    
    chocolate   A bit like 'After Eights' ! 9cm 3.00
    corsican, creeping   Low trailing habit    
    curley   Curled leaves    
    eau-de-cologne M. x piperata citrata Sweet scented bronze green leaves    
    garden   The best for mint sauce, vigorous 9cm 3.00
    ginger M x gracilis 'Variegata' Golden variegated leaves with ginger scent    
    grapefruit   Somewhat citrus flavour ! 9cm 3.00
    moroccan   Strong spearmint flavour 9cm 3.00
    pennyroyal   Low growing but has wide spread, blue flowers    
    pineapple M. suaveolens 'Variegata' Cream variegated leaves, pineapple scent    
    spearmint Mentha spicata Subtle mint scent, pale lilac / pint flowers 9cm 3.00
  Motherswort    Leonarus cardiaca Jagged leaves, small pink flowers on spikes 1m+    
  Oregano common   Fragrant foliage 9cm 3.00
    v. 'Compactum'   Like common oregano but forms neater clumps    
    'Country Cream'   Scented green and cream foliage 9cm 3.00
    golden   Fragrant golden foliage 9cm 3.00
    'Hot n' Spicy'   This oregano has more of a 'bite'    
  Parcel Leaf Celery Apium graveolens Biennial to 60cm, looks a bit like flat parsley    
  Parsley curly Petroselinum crispum Biennial. Curly leaves, good edging plant 9cm 3.00
    flat leaved P. crispum 'neapolitanum' Stronger flavour, flat dark green leaf 9cm 3.00
  Pyrethrum   Tanacetum cinenarifollium Grey green divided leaves, white daisy flowers    
  Rocket wild   Spicy foliage, perennial    
  Rosemary common Rosmarinus officinalis Pale blue flowers, grey green leaf. Sun    
    'Corsican Blue'   Dark green aromatic foliage, blue flowers    
    'Fota Blue'   Deep blue flowers 2lt 7.00
    'Major Pink'   Pale pink flowers, grey green leaf. Sun    
    Miss Jessopp's Upright   Upright form 9cm 3.00
    'Pointe du Raz'     9cm 3.00
    prostrate R. prostratus Low spreading habit 9cm 3.00
    pro. 'Blue Rain'        
  Sage common Salvia officinalis Textured grey/green leaf, purple blue flowers 9cm 3.00
    golden S. off. aurea Textured golden leaves 9cm 3.00
    icterina   Variegated leaf in green and creamy yellow    
    purple S. off. purpurea Dusky purple leaves 9cm 3.00
    tricolor S. off. 'Tricolor' Leaves splashed with pink, white and cream    
  Salad Burnet   Sanquisorba minor Feathery foliage, likes lime 9cm 3.00
  Skullcap     Scutellaria lateriflora Blue flowers, likes damp    
  Soapwort   Saponaria officinalis Pink / white flowers in summer    
  Sorrel broad leaved Rumex acetosa Bright green leaves likes acid soil, shade ok    
  St. John's Wort   Hypericum perforatum Golden cup shaped flowers    
  Strawberry alpine Fragaria vesca Small but very sweet fruits 9cm 3.00
  Sweet Cicely   Myrrhis odorata Feathery foliage 9cm 3.00
  Tansy        Tanecetum vulgare Aromatic feathery leaves, yellow flower-heads    
  Tarragon French Artemeseia dracunculus Wonderful herb, goes with almost anything 9cm 3.00
  Thyme common Thymus vulgaris Tiny aromatic leaves, likes sun & good drainage 9cm 3.00
    creeping Thymus serphyllum Low and spreading, rosy pink flowers 9cm 3.00
    creeping, golden   As above with golden leaves 9cm 3.00
    lemon Thymus x citriodus Lemon scented leaves 9cm 3.00
    lemon curd   Purple flowers, lemon scent    
    lemon, golden Th. x citriodus 'Aureus' Similar to Lemon Thyme with golden leaves    
    lemon, variegated Thymus x cit. 'Variegatus' Pink flowers, lemon scented gold/green leaves 9cm 3.00
    orange scented        
    'Archers Gold'   Golden leaves, mauve flowers    
    'Golden Queen'   Dark leaves with gold markings    
    'Silver Posie'   Silver green foliage, lilac flowers 15cm    
  Valerian       Valerana officinalis Divided leaves, pink/white flower clusters 60cm    
  Welsh Onion    Allium fistulosum Similar to salad onions, white bell flowers    
  Winter Savory   Satureja montana Neat aromatic evergreen    
  Wormwood     Artemesia absinthium Finely cut silvery leaves, small yellow flowers