Future Forests: Perennial Flowers.  Suitable for Mail Order. Updated 21st. Sept. 2017 

  Perennials are easy to grow and whatever the nature of your soil, site or the effect you are trying to create; there are bound to be several that will meet your particular needs...but which ones ? We hope that the brief descriptions, mature heights and flowering times are helpful. We also offer suggestions to suit particular sites ~ see the drop down menu bar or the links at the bottom of this page.  
Genus Species / variety Common name Brief Description       Mature height in cm  flowering time in months (e.g. 5-8 = May to Aug) Pot Size Euro
  Achillea mil. 'Terracotta' Yarrow Feathery foliage, soft burnt orange flowerheads 60cm 3-5. Sun. 2lt 6.50
    'Moonshine'   Feathery foliage,60cm soft yellow flowers.3-5. Sun. 2lt 7.00
    'Tutti Pomegranate'   Rich red flowerheads all summer 60cm 2lt 7.00
  Aconitum 'Bressingham Spire' Monkshood Spires of violet blue flowers to 1m 7-9 2lt 8.00
  Agapanthus 'Blue Umbrella' African Lily Large blue flowers above strappy leaves 90cm 2lt 10.00
    'Twister'   White petals backed deep blue on robust stems to 1m 7-9 3lt 15.00
Pic   umbellatus blue   Large blue flowers on tall stalks 9cm 4.00
  Alcea rosea 'Purple Hollyhocks Tall spikes dark blooms 6-9. 1.5m 2lt 7.00
    rosea 'Rose'   Soft pink flowers on tall stems 2lt 7.00
Pic Alchemilla mollis Lady’s Mantle For sun or shade, yellowy green flowers.40cm. 5-9 9cm 3.00
  Allium 'Summer Beauty'   Pink/mauve spheres loved by butterflies 70cm 6-8 2lt 7.00
  Alstroemeria 'Indian Summer' Peruvian Lily Copper to gold flowers, bronze leaves, hardy, 75cm 6-10 2lt 12.00
  Anemone huph. 'Splendens' Japanese Anemone Deep pink flowers/yellow eye on long stems90cm.8-10 2lt 6.50
    'Dreaming Swan'   Masses of single white flowers 8-10 2lt 8.00
    'Fantasy Cindarella'   Single rose pink flowers, light shade 45cm 7-9 2lt 8.00
    x hyb. 'Honorine Jobert' Japanese Anemone White flowers, golden stamens, shade 120cm 8-10 2lt 7.00
  Argyranthemum in variety   Cheerful daisy flowers in red or yellow all summer 2lt 7.00
Pic Armeria maritima 'Alba'   White flower tufts, grass like leaves. 20cm. 5-7 9cm 3.00
  Artemesia lud. 'Valerie Finnis'   Wide silvery leaves likes sun and poor dry ground 2lt 6.50
   Aster novi belgica 'Lady in Blue'   Powder blue flowers, low growing 9-10 2lt 7.00
  Astilbe chinensis 'Visions'   Showy pink / mauve flower plumes till late summer 2lt 6.50
    'Eden's Twinkle'   Tall stems of creamy white plume flowers 2lt 7.00
Pic   'Fanal'   Red flower plumes. Ferny foliage 50cm. 7-9. Damp 2lt 7.00
    'Hennie Graafland'   Dwarf variety with fluffy pink flowers 2lt 6.50
    'Sprite'   Dark green leaf, pink flower, lower than most Astilbe 2lt 7.00
  Astrantia major 'Shaggy' Masterwort Attractive papery green white bracts 80cm 9cm 4.00
    'Moulin Rouge'   Dark red flowers all summer, good cut flower 2lt 8.00
    'Star of Beauty'   White flowers with magenta tipped petals 60cm 2lt 8.00
  Bergenia cordifolia Elephant's Ears Large evergreen leaf, light pink flowers, 45 cm. easy 3lt 7.00
    cord. Rotblum syn. 'Red Beauty' Dark pink/red flowers in spring. Evergreen 50cm 9cm 3.00
  Brunnera 'Little Jack'   Compact variety. Silver marked foliage, sprays of light blue flowers. 2lt 10.00
Pic Campanula muralis Dalmatian Bellflower Blue bell shaped flowers, low for rockery 9cm 3.00
          2lt 7.00
    takes. 'Sarastro' Bellflower Huge drooping bells of rich violet 6-9 60cm 2lt 7.00
  Cirsium r. 'Trevor's Blue Wonder'   Rich purple thistle like flowers on erect silver stems 120cm 7-9 3lt 10.00
  Cosmos atro. 'Chocamocha'   Feathery foliage, chocolate scented flowers on short stems, protect from winter frosts 2lt 7.00
  Crambe cordifolia   Large crinkled leaves/scented white flowers summer.Dry soil-back of border2.5m 3lt 8.00
Pic Crocosmia 'Babylon' Mombretia Dusky orange red flowers with yellow throat 2lt 7.00
    'Ember Glow'   This variety has flowers like hot coals 2lt 7.00
Pic   'Emily McKenzie'   Sword like leaves, orange/dark red flowers 9cm 3.00
          2lt 8.00
    'George Davidson'   Arching stems of rich golden yellow flowers 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
Pic   Lucifer   Intense red flowers 8-9. Strappy leaves. 60cm 9cm 3.00
          2lt 7.00
  Cyclamen coum   Dainty pink / white / cerise flowers early spring 25cm 9cm 4.00
    hederifolium   Beautiful marbled foliage, pink, purple or white flowers in autumn 9cm 4.00
  Dianthus  in variety 'Pinks' Blue grey leaf, scented pink/white/red flowers 30 to 60cm 5-9 1lt 4.50
  Dicentra spectabilis   Nodding pink flowers in spring, delicate foliage 9cm 3.00
  Dierama pulcherrimum Ange1's Fishing Rod Graceful, pink/mauve flowers hang above grass like foliage. 30cm+ 7-9 2lt 10.00
  Digitalis parviflora 'Milk Chocolate'   Tall stems of densely packed dusky foxglove flowers 2lt 6.50
  Echinacea p. 'Flamenco Orange' Cone Flowers This cone flower has deep orange petals 2lt 8.00
    p. Pow Wow White'   Abundance of white daisy flowers 60cm 7-9 2lt 8.00
    p. 'Pow Wow Wild Berry   Masses of deep rose purple flowers 60cm 7-9 2lt 7.00
  Echium candicans Pride of  Madeira Tall spires of blue flowers 150-250cm 2lt 8.00
    pininana Giant Viper's Bugloss Very tall spires of blue flowers. Biennial 4m 9cm 4.00
  Epimedium gr. 'Lilifee'   This variety has rose to lilac flowers 9cm 4.00
    per. 'Frohnleiten'   Clear yellow flowers, bronze tinted leaf 9cm 4.00
    y. 'Roseum'   Dainty pale lavender pink flowers 9cm 4.00
  Erigeron glaucus 'Sea Breeze'   Light blue daisy flowers. Sun. 60cm 6-8 2lt 7.00
  Eryngium maritimum Sea Holly Evergreen. Silvery spiny leaves and flowers.50cm 7-10 9cm 3.00
    'Big Blue'   Large electric blue thistle flowers, sturdy stems 90cm 2lt 8.00
  Eupatorium m. 'Atropurpurem' Joe Pye Weed Self supporting to 2.5m, frothy pink flowers 7-9 9cm 4.00
  Euphorbia x mar. 'Ascot Rainbow'   Variegated green / gold foliage with reddish tints, lime green flowers 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
    x 'Red Wings'   Narrow leaf red in winter, yellow green bracts in spring 50cm 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
    mellifera Honey Spurge Large & dramatic. Evergeen leaf with white rib, small honey scented flower 9cm 4.00
    myrsinites   Glaucous blue scale like leaves, low and spreading 9cm 3.00
  Francoa sonchifolia Bridal Wreath Tall pink flower spires in summer. Evergreen 2lt 8.00
  Geranium 'Johnson's Blue'   Clear blue flowers over dark foliage 30cm 5-8 9cm 4.00
          2lt 7.00
    'Blushing Turtle'   Ruffled pink flowers with deeper veins all summer 50cm 2lt 8.00
    mac. 'Ingwersens Variety'   Scented leaves, pink flowers, excellent for ground cover 2lt 7.00
    pra. 'Midnight Reiter'   Dark foliage and deep purple blue flowers 2lt 8.00
    'Rozanne'   Masses of violet blue flowers, white eye 60cm  6-9 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
    x cant. 'Karmina'   Dense mat of long lasting deep pink flowers 15cm 2lt 7.00
  Geum 'Alabama Slammer'   Ruffled orange gold flowers 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
Pic   'Lady Stratheden'   Double yellow flowers. 40cm 6-8 2lt 6.50
    'Mai Tai'   Ruffled flowers in shades of apricot 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
    riv. 'Flames of Passion'   Dark red flowers on wiry stems 9cm 4.00
  Gillenia trifoliata   Long lasting dainty white flowers above 3lobed leaves 50cm+ 3lt 10.00
  Gypsophila 'Festival Pink' Baby's Breath Masses of tiny white flowers flushed pink 4-9 45cm 2lt 7.00
  Helenium 'Mardi Gras'   Yellow daisy flowers splashed orange / red. Compact. 2lt 7.00
    'Short n' Sassy'   Compact form, fiery orange gold daisy flowers midsummer to late autumn 2lt 7.00
  Helleborus foetidus Stinking Hellebore Deeply cut foliage, greenish white flower clusters 12-3 9cm 4.00
    niger Christmas Rose Evergreen, large white flowers usually open Jan-Mar ! 9cm 4.00
          1lt 8.00
  Hemerocallis 'Pandora's Box' Day Lily Masses of soft cream flowers with maroon centre 2lt 6.50
    'Sammy Russell'   Dark russet red trumpet flowers late summer 2lt 6.50
    'Stella d'Or'   Shorter than most, lovely yellow flowers 35cm 5-9 2lt 7.00
  Heuchera 'Berry Smoothie'   Large raspberry red leaves deepen to purple 2lt 7.00
    'Sugar Plum'   Frosted plum-purple leaves, silvery pink flowers 2lt 7.00
  Heucherella 'Solar Eclipse'   Red brown leaves edged lime green. White flowers 2lt 8.00
  Hosta 'Devon Green'   Dark green shiny foliage, mauve flower spikes 50cm 3lt 10.00
    'Empress Wu' Giant Hosta over 1m tall with huge leaves. Makes a statement in the garden 3lt 15.00
    'Fragrant Blue'   Chalky blue leaf, fragrant white flowers 40cm 2lt 7.00
    'Purple Heart'   Compact with dark stems & purple red flushed green leaves 3lt 8.00
    'Wide Brim'   AGM   Puckered leaf with cream margins, lavender flw 60cm 2lt 7.00
  Iris hookeri Canada Beach Head Ir Mid blue/purple flowers 30cm good in seaside gardens 9cm 3.00
    kaempferi   Purple flowers, white centre, beardless. Damp loving 9cm 3.00
Pic   pseudoacorus Yellow Flag Sword like foliage, large yellow flowers, likes damp 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
    pseud. 'Variegatus'   This Iris has yellow variegated foliage 9cm 4.00
    siberica Siberian Flag Blue purple beardless iris, moist soil. 90cm 5-6 9cm 3.00
          2lt 8.00
    sib. 'Butter and Sugar'   Creamy yellow / white flowers 70cm 5-6 2lt 6.50
  Kirengeshoma palmata Yellow Wax Bells Tubular pale yellow flowers late summer 120cm 2lt 8.00
  Kniphofia 'Elvira' Red Hot Poker Tall firey orange flowers from July to October 2lt 8.00
    Flamenco'   Spikes of red, orange, yellow flowers 2lt 8.00
    'Mango Popsicle'   Orange poker flowers atop strappy leaves 70cm 7-9 2lt 8.00
    'Papaya Popsicle'   Compact variety, red/yellow poker flowers 2lt 8.00
  Leucanthemum 'Banana Cream' Shasta Daisy Creamy yellow daisy blooms, good for cutting 60cm 2lt 7.00
    'Freak !'   Shaggy white daisy flowers 50-60cm 2lt 7.00
    'Goldfinch'   Large creamy yellow daisy flowers all summer 60cm 2lt 8.00
    'Lacrosse'   Single white daisies with yellow eye and 'spooned' petals, compact 2lt 7.00
    'Snow Lady'   White daisy flowers, compact growth 30-40cm 2lt 7.00
  Liatris spicata Pink Gayfeather Spikes of pink flowers 90cm+ 7-9 2lt 7.00
  Libertia please see Grasses & Grass-like Perennials    
  Ligularia s. 'The Rocket'   Tall stems of dark yellow flowers to 1.8m over large jagged leaves 3lt 8.00
  Lilium Pixie varieties   Large lily flowers in various shades 3lt 7.00
  Lobelia ful. 'Elmfeuer'   Dark foliage, deep red flowers on tall spikes 6-8 9cm 3.00
  Lupinus 'Gallery' series   Blue or yellow lupins form robust clumps to 60cm 2lt 7.00
Genus Species / variety Common name Brief Description       Mature height in cm  flowering time in months (e.g. 5-8 = May to Aug) Pot Size Euro
  Lysimachia 'Snow Candle'   Spires of elegant white flowers to 40cm late summer 2lt 8.00
  Melianthus major Honey Bush Spectacular blue green foliage, sun, 200cm 3lt 12.00
  Monarda 'Jacob Cline'   Large firy red flowers 90cm 7-9 2lt 7.00
  Nerine b. 'Isabel'   Rich pink lily like flowers 50cm 9-10 9cm 4.00
  Osteospurmum jucundum (AGM) African Daisy Pink / purple daisy flowers with dark eye 45cm 5-8 2lt 7.00
    'Cannington Roy'   White daisy flowers tinged purple 2lt 7.00
    'Lady Leitrim'   White daisy flowers tinted mauve 2lt 7.00
  Paeonia lact. Felix Crousse   Deep cerise red flowers in summer 90cm 3lt 8.00
  Penstemon 'King George'   Large scarlet flowers striped throats, 70 cm 7-10 2lt 7.00
    'Polaris Purple'   Flower spikes covered with purple red tubular flowers 2lt 7.00
    'White Bedder'   White flower spikes to 70cm 7-10 2lt 8.00
  Persicaria bistorta 'Superba' AGM   Spikes of pale pink flowers, semi evergreen 90cm 2lt 7.00
  Phlomis russeliana Jerusalem Sage Huge leaves, yellow flowers 90cm 7-9, dry ground 2lt 6.50
  Phlox pan. Famous Pink Eye   Similar to above with pink flowers 2lt 7.00
  Phygelius 'Funfare Wine'   Compact , stems of deep wine red trumpet flowers 6-8 2lt 7.00
  Primula beesiana Candleabra Primula Tiers of rich pink flowers/yellow eye. 4-6 60cm. Damp 9cm 3.00
Pic   bulleyana Candleabra Primula Gold flowers on tall stems 6-7.60-90cm.Damp ground. 9cm 3.00
    capitata   Low leaf rosettes. Purple blue flowers 5-9.30cm 9cm 3.00
Pic   denticulata Drumstick Primula Drumstick primulas in various shades 25cm 3-5 9cm 3.00
Pic   jap. 'Millers Crimson'   Crimson candelabra flowers likes damp 45cm 5-7 9cm 3.00
    pulverulenta Candleabra primula Deep red flowers on white stems 6-7. 90cm. Moist. 9cm 3.00
  Pulmonaria 'Majaste' Lungwort Pink and violet flowers, silvery grey leaves 30cm 4-5 9cm 4.00
    'Opal'   Speckled leaves, clear blue flowers in spring 30cm 9cm 4.00
    'Trevi Fountain'   Speckled leaves, cobalt blue flowers 2lt 6.50
Pic Rodgersia 'Henrici Hybrid'   Red stems, cream flower sprays, copper foliage 90cm 9cm 4.00
Pic  Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum' Orange Coneflower Golden yellow daisy flowers, black eyes 90cm 7-10 2lt 7.00
    fulgida 'Little Goldstar'   Compact form to 40cm. Good in containers 2lt 7.00
  Salvia 'Hot Lips'   Striking red and white flowers all summer 2lt 7.00
  Sanguisorba 'Pink Tanna'   Fluffy pale pink flowers on stems to 50cm 7-9 2lt 7.00
  Saxifraga in variety Mossy Saxifrage Low mound, masses of white spring flowers 9cm 3.00
  Schizostylis coc. 'Pink Princess'   Soft pink almost white flowers 50cm late summer to autumn 2lt 7.00
  Sedums  Houseleeks in variety Low sedums for rockeries, walls etc 9cm 3.00
    Stonecrops in variety spreading, low in a variety of textures and shades for rockeries & walls 9cm 3.00
    'Matrona'   AGM   Fleshy leaf, pink flowers loved by butterflies 80cm 2lt 7.00
  Stachys byzantia Lamb's Ears Soft fluffy foliage 45cm.Pink flowers on felted stems6-9 9cm 3.00
    densiflora 'Hummelo' Alpine Betony Bees love the purple flower spikes, green foliage 50cm 2lt 6.50
  Symphytum g. 'Wisley Blue' Comfrey Nodding blue flowers, large leaves 50cm 9cm 3.00
  Thalictrum d. Hewitt's Double AGM   Long lasting double violet/purple flowers 150cm 7-9 3lt 12.00
  Trollius 'Cheddar' Globeflower Creamy yellow cup flowers 90cm 5-6 2lt 7.00
  Tulbaghia v. 'Silver Lace'   White veined leaves compliment the pretty starry violet flowers 2lt 10.00
Pic Verbena bonariensis Vervain Tufts of purple flowers on wiry stems 1.5m 7-9 2lt 7.00
  Veronica sp. 'Ulster Blue Dwarf'   Spikes of royal blue flowers from mid June, neat 30cm 2lt 7.00
  Viola in variety     9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Watsonia 'Apricot Queen'   Strappy leaves, spires of apricot flowers to 100cm late summer 2lt 8.00
Pic Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum Lily White funnel shaped flower spaethes, 90cm 5-8 9cm 3.00
          3lt 10.00
  Do ask for any Perennials that are not listed. There may be one or two in stock or we can try to find them for you.