Future Forests: Perennial Flowers.  Suitable for Mail Order. Updated 24th. May 2017 

  Perennials are easy to grow and whatever the nature of your soil, site or the effect you are trying to create; there are bound to be several that will meet your particular needs...but which ones ? We hope that the brief descriptions, mature heights and flowering times are helpful. We also offer suggestions to suit particular sites ~ see the drop down menu bar or the links at the bottom of this page.  
Genus Species / variety Common name Brief Description       Mature height in cm  flowering time in months (e.g. 5-8 = May to Aug) Pot Size Euro
Pic Acanthus mollis Bear's Breeches Glossy leaves, spires of white/dusky purple flws 150cm 2lt 7.00
  Achillea mil. 'Terracotta' Yarrow Feathery foliage, soft burnt orange flowerheads 60cm 3-5. Sun. 2lt 6.50
    'Moonshine'   Feathery foliage,60cm soft yellow flowers.3-5. Sun. 2lt 6.50
    'Tutti Pomegranate'   Rich red flowerheads all summer 60cm 2lt 6.50
  Agapanthus africanus 'Albus' African Lily Neat evergreen foliage. Clusters of white flowers.90cm 2lt 8.00
    af. 'Double Diamond'   Double white flowers, compact 45cm 2lt 10.00
    'Blue Storm'   Compact, masses of blue flowers 3lt 15.00
    'Peter Pan'   Dwarf variety to 40cm, blue flowers 3lt 15.00
Pic   umbellatus blue   Large blue flowers on tall stalks 9cm 4.00
    umbellatus, white   Large white flowers on tall stalks 3lt 8.00
  Ajuga rep. 'Braunherz'   Purple bronze leaves, dark blue flowers, groundcover 9cm 3.00
Pic Alchemilla mollis Lady’s Mantle For sun or shade, yellowy green flowers.40cm. 5-9 9cm 3.00
  Allium 'Purple Sensation'   Globes of purple flowers on 90cm stems 5-6 2lt 6.50
          3lt 8.00
  Alstromeria 'Rock n Roll'   Variegated leaves, scarlet flowers...eye catching 2lt 12.00
  Ajuga reptans Bugle Dark leaved ground cover, blue flowers, happy in shade, native 9cm 3.00
    rep. 'Evening Glow'   Rich purple foliage, blue flowers in spring. Woodland 9cm 3.00
  Anemone huph. 'Splendens' Japanese Anemone Deep pink flowers/yellow eye on long stems90cm.8-10 2lt 6.50
    x hyb. 'Honorine Jobert' Japanese Anemone White flowers, golden stamens, shade 120cm 8-10 2lt 6.50
   Anthemis tinctoria E.C. Buxton Ox-eye Chamomile Finely divided leaf,  pale yellow daisy flws 60cm Sun. 2lt 6.50
Pic Anthriscus sylvestris Cow Parsley Lacy white flower-heads on slender stems to 1m 9cm 3.00
    sylv. 'Ravenswing'   Lacy white flowers contrast with dark ferny foliage. 1m 5-6 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50


    'Black Barlow'   Double purple / black columbine flowers 5-6 2lt 6.50
  Spring Magic 'Navy and White   Large blue and white flowers 3-4 40cm 9cm 3.00
  Arabis bleph. 'Spring Charm' Rock Cress Cerise flowers spring to early summer, rockery 15cm 9cm 3.00
    'Little Treasure Pink'   Pink flowers for rockery 20cm 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
    'Little Treasure White'   As above with white flowers 9cm 3.00
  Armeria maritima 'Splendens' Sea Pink Grass like leaves, mauve flowers 20cm 5-7. Native. 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
Pic   maritima 'Alba'   White flower tufts, grass like leaves. 20cm. 5-7 9cm 3.00
  Aster n.b. 'Tonga'   Compact Michaelmas Daisy purple flowers last into autumn 2lt 6.50
  Astilbe chinensis pumila   Fluffy pink flower plumes.7-9 25cm. Likes damp 2lt 6.50
    chinensis 'Visions'   Showy pink / mauve flower plumes till late summer 2lt 6.50
Pic   'Fanal'   Red flower plumes. Ferny foliage 50cm. 7-9. Damp 2lt 7.00
    'Gladstone'   Feathery creamy white flowers 2lt 6.50
    'Sprite'   Dark green leaf, pink flower, lower than most Astilbe 2lt 7.00
    'Younique White'   Low mounds of lacy foliage topped with fluffy white flowers 2lt 7.00
  Astrantia major 'Ruby Wedding'   Deep red pincushion flowers. 60cm 6-7 2lt 8.00
    major 'Shaggy' Masterwort Attractive papery green white bracts 80cm 9cm 4.00
Pic Aubrieta in variety   Mats of spring flowers in shades of blue / mauve/ purple 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Bergenia cordifolia Elephant's Ears Large evergreen leaf, light pink flowers, 45 cm. easy 2lt 7.00
    cord. Baby Doll   Evergreen, large pink flowers in spring, 30cm 2lt 8.00
    c. 'Dragonfly Angel Kiss'   Neat clumps of deep red winter foliage, pink spring flowers 2lt 8.00
    cord. Rotblum syn. 'Red Beauty' Dark pink/red flowers in spring. Evergreen 50cm 9cm 3.00
    'Spring Fling'   Upright stems of strong pink flowers in spring 2lt 8.00
  Brunnera macrophylla   Big heart shaped leaf, sprays of blue flowers 45cm 5-6 9cm 3.00
    'Hadspen Cream'   Foliage splashed with cream /white 2lt 8.00
    'Little Jack'   Compact variety. Silver marked foliage, sprays of light blue flowers. 2lt 10.00
  Camassia c. 'Dark Blue'   Tall spires of rich blue spring flowers 2lt 8.00
Pic Campanula muralis Dalmatian Bellflower Blue bell shaped flowers, low for rockery 9cm 3.00
    garganica Adriatic Bellflower Blue starry flowered rockery plant. 30cm 6-8 9cm 3.00
    poscharskyana Bellflower Masses of soft lavender fls, great for a wall. 25cm. 6-7 9cm 3.00
  Cardamine trifolia Trefoil Cress Low clump of dark leaves, white flowers in spring 15cm 9cm 3.00
Pic Centaurea montana Perennial Cornflower Intense blue thistle like flowers. 45cm 5-7 2lt 6.50
    m. 'Amethyst Dream'   Rosy purple flowers, compact 2lt 6.50
    m. 'Amethyst in Snow'   Unusual form, white petals surround blue / mauve centre 2lt 6.50
Pic Centranthus ruber coccineus   Intense pinkish red flowers 7-10 60cm, sun and dry 9cm 3.00
  Cerastium tomentosum Snow in Summer White felted leaves. White flowers 5-7 10cm. Sun 9cm 3.00
  Convalaria majalis Lily-of-the-Valley Nodding bell flowers in spring, scented 30cm 2lt 8.00
  Corydalis flex. 'Purple Leaf'   Fine purple / green leaf, deep blue flowers 15cm  5-7 2lt 7.00
  Crocosmia 'Ember Glow' Mombretia This variety has flowers like hot coals 9cm 3.00
    'George Davidson'   Arching stems of rich golden yellow flowers 2lt 6.50
Pic   Lucifer   Intense red flowers 8-9. Strappy leaves. 60cm 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Cyclamen coum   Dainty pink / white / cerise flowers early spring 25cm 9cm 4.00
    hederifolium   Beautiful marbled foliage, purple/pink/white flowers in autumn 9cm 4.00
  Cynara scolymus Globe Artichoke Tall striking flower-heads, beautiful and delicious 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Dianthus  in variety 'Pinks' Blue grey leaf, scented pink/white/red flowers 30 to 60cm 5-9 1lt 4.50
    deltoides 'Flashing Lights'   Evergreen mat former, cerise flowers 6-7 15cm. Sun 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
    'Little Jock' Rock Pink Perpetual fragrant rich pink semi double/red eye.10cm 9cm 3.00
  Dicentra spectabilis   Nodding pink flowers in spring, delicate foliage 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
    spectabilis 'Alba'   As above with white flowers 9cm 3.00
          2lt 7.00
    'Valentine'   Dusky red heart shaped flower tipped white 60cm 4-5 2lt 7.00
  Dierama pulcherrimum Ange1's Fishing Rod Graceful, pink/mauve trumpet flowers hang above grass like foliage. 30cm+ 7-9 9cm 6.00
  Dietes grandiflora Fairy Iris Sword like leaves, white flowers with purple markings 6-7 90cm 9cm 3.00
  Digitalis 'Dalmation Purple' Foxglove Deep mauve / purple trumpets in June / July. 50cm 2lt 6.50
    'Dalmation White'   White foxglove flowers with mauve spotted throats 2lt 6.50
  Doronicum 'Little Leo' Leopard's Bane Bright yellow daisy flowers.30cm 3-4 9cm 3.00
Pic Echinacea purpurea Cone Flowers Mauve daisy flowers loved by bees 9cm 3.00
    purp. 'Alba'   Large white daisy flowers  1m 7-9 1lt 4.50
Pic   purp. 'Magnus'   This variety has v large dark flowers 1m 7-9 2lt 6.50
  Echinops bannaticus 'Blue Globe' Globe Thistle Powder blue globe flowers, sun, poor soil. 1.2m 7-9 2lt 7.00
  Echium p. 'Pink Feather'   Tall spires of pink flowers 3lt 10.00
  Epimedium gr. 'Lilafee'   This variety has rose to lilac flowers 9cm 4.00
    per. 'Frohnleiten'   Clear yelow flowers, bronze tinted leaf 9cm 4.00
    rubrum Bishop's Mitre Evergreen foliage with red tints, good groundcover for shade 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
    y. 'Roseum'   Dainty pale lavender pink flowers 9cm 4.00
  Erigeron  glaucus 'Sea Breeze' Beach Aster Light pink daisy flowers. Sun. 60cm 6-8 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Erodium 'Bishop's Form'   Low growing rockery plant.12cm.Pink flowers 5-9 2lt 6.50
  Eryngium maritimum Sea Holly Evergreen.Silvery spiny leaves and flowers.50cm 7-10 9cm 3.00
  Erysimum Bowles Mauve Perennial Wallflower Rich mauve flowers for many months 30cm 4-7 2lt 6.50
    'Fragrant Sunshine'   Scented cheerful yellow flowers 40cm 2lt 6.50
    'Winter Joy'   Masses of fragrant mauve flowers, compact 2lt 6.50
    'Winter Orchid'   Copper orange flowers fade to purple 4-8 40cm 2lt 6.50
    'Winter Party'   Burnt orange & purple flowers 40cm 2lt 6.50
    'Winter Passion'   Rich ruby red to violet flowers 2lt 6.50
  Eupatorium cannabinum Hemp Agrimony Clusters of tiny pink / purple flowers to 1.5m 8-10 9cm 3.00
    m. 'Atropurpurem' Joe Pye Weed Self supporting to 2.5m, frothy pink flowers 7-9 9cm 4.00
  Euphorbia characias   Large rounded heads of greenish yellow flower bracts 9cm 3.00
    char. 'Silver Swan'   Blue grey leaves edged white and green / white spring flowers 2lt 8.00
    x martinii   Red stems, fine leaves, canary yellow bracts 2lt 6.50
    x mar. 'Ascot Rainbow'   Variegated green / gold foliage with reddish tints, lime green flowers 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
    x mar. 'Baby Charm'   Compact form, red stems contrast with apple green bracts 2lt 6.50
    x 'Red Wings'   Narrow leaf red in winter, yellow green bracts in spring 50cm 9cm 4.00
          2lt 8.00
  Gentiana asclepiadea Willow Gentian Willow like leaves, dark blue flower trumpets late summer. 1m, part shade 2lt 6.50
  Geranium 'Ann Folkard'  AGM   Golden leaf, magenta flowers with black eye from May to autumn 2lt 7.00
    cant. 'St Ola'   Large white flowers tinged pink from May into autumn, low 30cm 2lt 6.50
    'Johnson's Blue'   Clear blue flowers over dark foliage 30cm 5-8 9cm 4.00
          2lt 7.00
    'Dusky Rose'   Pale pink flower, burgundy foliage 15cm 5-9 2lt 7.00
    maculatum 'Espresso'   Chocolate foliage, lavender flowers 45cm 5-7 2lt 6.50
    pratense 'Dark Form'   Dark foliage, lilac blue flowers 25-30cm 2lt 8.00
    'Rozanne'   Masses of violet blue flowers, white eye 60cm  6-9 2lt 8.00
  Geum 'Alabama Slammer'   Ruffled orange gold flowers 9cm 4.00
Pic   'Lady Stratheden'   Double yellow flowers. 40cm 6-8 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
    'Mai Tai'   Ruffled flowers in shades of apricot 9cm 4.00
    riv. 'Flames of Passion'   Dark red flowers on wiry stems 9cm 4.00
  Helleborus arg. 'Silver Lace' Corsican Hellebore Leathery silver leaves, apple green cup shaped flowers 12-3 40cm 9cm 4.00
    lividus   Blue grey foliage, nodding pale pink / green flowers mid winter 4cm 9cm 4.00
    liv. 'Purple Ear'   This variety has nodding dusky purple flowers 9cm 4.00
    liv. White Marble   Attractive marbled foliage, nodding flowers 9cm 4.00
    or. 'Lady Series'   Nodding flowers in various shades/speckles 45cm 2-5 9cm 4.00
    or. 'Anna' varieties   Deep to rose pink, red or white flowers, double & speckled varieties 2lt 10.00
     'Red Hybrids'   Nodding flowers in red /  maroon shades/speckles 45cm 2-5 3lt 10.00
  Hemerocallis 'Pandora's Box' Day Lily Masses of soft cream flowers with maroon centre 2lt 6.50
    'Sammy Russell'   Dark russet red trumpet flowers late summer 2lt 6.50
  Heuchera 'Cherry Cola'   Bronze red leaves, small cherry red bell flowers 2lt 7.00
    'Marmalade'   Amber to peachy bronze foliage all year 2lt 7.00
    'Midnight Rose'   Burgundy leaves splashed pink 2lt 7.00
    'Plum Pudding'   Pewter grey/deep purple leaves, pink flowers 6-8 2lt 7.00
    'Sugar Plum'   Frosted plum-purple leaves, silvery pink flowers 2lt 7.00
  Heucherella 'Solar Eclipse'   Red brown leaves edged lime green. White flowers 2lt 8.00
    'Sweet Tea'   Vivid cinnamon orange foliages brightens shady spots 2lt 7.00
  Hosta 'Aureomarginata'  AGM   Large leaves with creamy yellow margins, damp 90cm 2lt 7.00
    'Empress Wu' Giant Hosta over 1m tall with huge leaves. Makes a statement in the garden 3lt 15.00
    'First Frost'   Blue gray leaves with creamy yellow margins last till late autumn 3lt 10.00
    fort. 'Gold Standard'   Golden leaves 2lt 7.00
    'Great Expectations'   Leaf warm yellow edged sea green, white flowers 2lt 8.00
    'Guacamole'   Mid green leaves. Large fragrant white flowers.45cm 2lt 7.00
    'Halcyon'   Textured blue leaves, pale lavender flowers 3lt 10.00
    'Patriot'   Large leaves with wide white margins 2lt 7.00
  Iberis sempervirens Perennial Candytuft Full white candytuft flowers 20cm 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Inula magnifica Elecampane Large leaf and yellow daisy flowers to 1.8m 8-9 9cm 3.00
  Iris ensata 'Variegata Water Iris Blue/purple flowers variegated floiage, damp ground 2lt 7.00
    hookeri Canada Beach Head Ir Mid blue/purple flowers 30cm good in seaside gardens 9cm 3.00
    kaempferi   Purple flowers, white centre, beardless. Damp loving 9cm 3.00
Pic   pseudoacorus Yellow Flag Sword like foliage, large yellow flowers, likes damp 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
    pseud. 'Variegatus'   This Iris has yellow variegated foliage 9cm 4.00
    siberica Siberian Flag Blue purple beardless iris, moist soil. 90cm 5-6 9cm 3.00
    sib. 'Butter and Sugar'   Creamy yellow / white flowers 70cm 5-6 2lt 6.50
  Knautia m. 'Melton Pastels'   Pincushion flowers in shades of red, rose & purple 2lt 6.50
    m. 'Red Knight'   This variety has rich crimson flowers 2lt 6.50
  Kniphofia 'Bees Lemon' Red Hot Poker Lime green buds open to yellow flower spikes 90cm 7-9 2lt 8.00
    'Elvira'   Tall fiery orange flowers from July to October 2lt 8.00
    Flamenco'   Spikes of red, orange, yellow flowers 2lt 6.50
    'Mango Popsicle'   Orange poker flowers atop strappy leaves 70cm 7-9 2lt 8.00
    'Papaya Popsicle'   Compact variety, red/yellow poker flowers 2lt 8.00
  Leucanthemum 'Alaska'   Large single daisy flowers, strong stems 60cm 2lt 6.50
    'Goldfinch'   Large creamy yellow daisy flowers all summer 60cm 2lt 7.00
    'Wirral Supreme'   Tall double white daisy flowers 2lt 7.00
  Libertia please see Grasses & Grass-like Perennials    
  Ligularia dent. 'Desdemona'   Yellow daisy like flowers, large purple leaves.1m 7-9 2lt 6.50
    dent. 'Othello'   Orange flower-heads, huge purple leaves. Damp 90cm 3lt 8.00
  Lithodora = Lithospernum 'Heavenly Blue'   Low evergreen for rockery Blue flowers 6-9 15cm 9cm 3.00
          2lt 8.00
  Lobelia ful. 'Elmfeuer'   Dark foliage, deep red flowers on tall spikes 6-8 9cm 3.00
  Lupinus 'Gallery' series   Pink, red or yellow lupins form robust clumps to 60cm 2lt 6.50
Genus Species / variety Common name Brief Description       Mature height in cm  flowering time in months (e.g. 5-8 = May to Aug) Pot Size Euro
  Macleaya cordata Plume Poppy Architectural grey green leaves, frothy flowers 2m 2lt 8.00
  Monarda 'Cambridge Scarlet' Bee Balm Scented foliage, stunning scarlet flowers 7-9. 90cm 2lt 6.50
Pic Nepeta 'Six Hills Giant' Catmint Larger growing catmint 90cm 7-9 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
    'Walker's Low'   Masses of violet blue flowers 6-9 but not 'low' 90cm 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Osteospermum jucundum (AGM) African Daisy Pink / purple daisy flowers with dark eye 45cm 5-8 2lt 6.50
    'Lady Leitrim'   White daisy flowers tinted mauve 2lt 6.50
  Paeonia lactiflora 'Bowl of Beauty'   V. large pink flowers/ruffled white centres 80cm 6-7 3lt 8.00
    lact. Felix Crousse   Deep cerise red flowers in summer 90cm 3lt 8.00
    lact. 'Sarah Bernhardt'   20cm wide double pink ruffled flowers. Upto 1m 6-7 3lt 8.00
    suffruticosa Tree Peony   1lt 15.00
  Papaver or. 'Prin. Viktoria Luise' Oriental Poppy Huge salmon pink flowers with dark markings 5-6 9cm 3.00
  Phlox sub. 'Emerald Cushion'   Clear blue, star-shaped flowers. Rockery. 2lt 6.50
    sub. 'McDaniels Cushion'   Low cushion covered in pink spring flowers 2lt 6.50
  Polygonatum multiflorum Solomon's Seal Arching stems of white bell flowers 5-6 1.5m damp shade 9cm 4.00
    falc. 'Variegatum'   This selection has geen leaves edged creamy white 9cm 4.00
  Primula beesiana Candleabra Primula Tiers of rich pink flowers/yellow eye. 4-6 60cm. Damp 9cm 3.00
Pic   bulleyana Candleabra Primula Gold flowers on tall stems 6-7.60-90cm.Damp ground. 9cm 3.00
    capitata   Low leaf rosettes. Purple blue flowers 5-9.30cm 9cm 3.00
Pic   denticulata Drumstick Primula Drumstick primulas in various shades 25cm 3-5 9cm 3.00
Pic   jap. 'Millers Crimson'   Crimson candelabra flowers likes damp 45cm 5-7 9cm 3.00
    pulverulenta Candleabra primula Deep red flowers on white stems 6-7. 90cm. Moist. 9cm 3.00
    viallii Orchid Primrose Crimson bud spikes open to purple flowers, unusual 9cm 3.00
Pic   'Drumcliffe'   Chocolate foliage, soft lilac flowers 15-20cm 2-5 1lt 4.00
Pic   'Innisfree'   Dark leaves, red flower with yellow eye 12-15cm 2-5 1lt 4.00
    'Marie Crousse'   Very double flowers of rich lavender to purple blue 1.5lt 4.00
  Pulmonaria 'Majestee' Lungwort Pink and violet flowers, silvery grey leaves 30cm 4-5 9cm 4.00
    'Opal'   Speckled leaves, clear blue flowers in spring 30cm 9cm 4.00
    'Silver Bouquet'   Silvery leaves topped with sprays of pink / blue flowers in spring 30cm 2lt 7.00
    'Trevi Fountain'   Speckled leaves, cobalt blue flowers 2lt 6.50
Pic  Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldstrum' Orange Coneflower Golden yellow daisy flowers, black eyes 90cm 7-10 9cm 3.00
          2lt 6.50
  Salvia nem. 'East Friesland'   A neat clump of violet blue flowers all summer 60cm 2lt 6.50
    'Hot Lips'   Striking red and white flowers all summer 2lt 7.00
  Saxifraga in variety Mossy Saxifrage Low mound, masses of white spring flowers 9cm 3.00
    'Peter Pan'   Mossy saxifrage with pink flowers 9cm 3.00
    'Pixie Rose'   Mossy leaves, dainty pink flowers, low 10cm 9cm 3.00
Pic Scabiosa 'Butterfly Blue' Pincushion Flower Blue flowers from spring to autumn 30-45cm. 2lt 6.50
    'Pink Mist'   As above with pink flowers 2lt 6.50
  Sedums  Houseleeks in variety Low sedums for rockeries, walls etc 9cm 3.00
    Stonecrops in variety spreading, low in a variety of textures and shades for rockeries & walls 9cm 3.00
    'Matrona'   AGM   Fleshy leaf, pink flowers loved by butterflies 80cm 2lt 6.50
  Stachys byzantia Lamb's Ears Soft fluffy foliage 45cm.Pink flowers on felted stems6-9 9cm 3.00
  Symphytum g. 'Hidcote Blue' Comfrey Nodding blue flowers, low 10cm but spreading. gc 2lt 6.50
    g. 'Wisley Blue'   Nodding blue flowers, large leaves 50cm 9cm 3.00
  Thalictrum aquilegifolium Greater Meadow Rue Fluffy deep lilac-pink flowers 100cm 9cm 3.00
  Tiarella 'Morning Star'   Evergreen  leaves. Foamy white flowers 30 cm 5-6 2lt 7.00
Pic Verbena bonariensis Vervain Tufts of purple flowers on wiry stems 1.5m 7-9 9cm 3.00
  Viola in variety     2lt 6.50
Pic Zantedeschia aethiopica Arum Lily White funnel shaped flower spaethes, 90cm 5-8 9cm 3.00
          2lt 8.00
  Do ask for any Perennials that are not listed. There may be one or two in stock or we can try to find them for you.