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  TREE FRUIT For notes on apple planting, pruning and rootstocks, see here
  Rootstocks: M26 = small tree. MM106 =  tall tree for poor ground.  MM111= orchard larger tree. 
M9 = dwarf tree.  M27 = very dwarf Tree
  Pollination: Trees require a pollinator in the same group (A, B, C) or the group immediately above or below it
    sf = self fertile  tp = tip bearer (take note when pruning)  * = triploid, 2 different pollinators required
  Traditional Irish Apple Trees:   1yr trees:  15 each ~ 2yr trees:  18 each
  These old Irish varieties meet the specifications for Traditional Orchards under the new GLAS scheme for farmers
 as long as they are on the more vigorous rootstock MM106 or MM111
  Variety Brief Description Age on Rootstocks Poll Pick/Use
  Eating Apples:        
  Ard Cairn Russet Red/yellow, dry, firm and sweet, Cork 1 yr M 27 B Oct-Feb
  Cavan Sugarcane Golden yellow skin, crisp and sweet 1yr M27 B Sep-Oct
  Gibbons Russet Cidery taste, firm sharp flesh, Cork 1897 2 year MM111 A/B Sep-Dec
  Keegans Crab Large green fruit, crisp and sweet. Tip bearer 2 year M27 C Oct-Feb
  Kemp Crisp, juicy, good disease resistance 2year M27 B/C Sep-Oct
  Kilkenny Peramain Dual Purpose, sweet and crisp 2 year M27 B Sep
  Mrs Perry Creamy white flesh, crisp 2 year M 27 B Sep
  Lough Tree of Wexford Small red fruit, vigorous, old Irish apple 2 year MM111 A Sep-Oct
  Rawleys Seedling Like Cox but hardier 2yr M27 B Nov
  Sam Young Delicious little apple of the highest quality 2 year M27 B Nov-Feb
  Cooking Apples:        
  Ballyfatten Large & firm, excellent for baking 2 year M27 B Oct-Dec
  Bloody Butcher Cooker. Deep red skin 1yr M27 B Oct-Nov
  Glenstal Cooker Large apples, green flushed red. Good disease resistance. Limerick 1yr M27 C Sep-Oct
  Uncle John's Cooker Wind resistant, red fruit hangs well on tree! 1yr M27 B Dec
  Other Apple Trees 2 year old in 10lt pots. 25 each

These trees are particularly good specimens some even have fruit on them !

  Eating Apples:        
  Yellow Spur Crisp greenish red fruit Dwarf, happy in pots self fertile
  Cooking Apples:        
  Grenadier Large early fruit, reliable and a good pollinator M26 B* Aug-Sep
  Cider Apples 3 year old in 10lt pots. 28 each      
  Camelot Mild Bittersharp. Somerset 1934 MM106 C mid Oct
  Michelin Traditional French bittersweet MM106 C Oct
  Cherries 10 litre pots 5-6ft 36 each Colt Root stock    
  Merton Glory Sweet, yellow/red, good disease resistance pollinators Stella or Sunbirst late June
  Medlar 3 litre pots 2-3ft  15      
  Mespilus germanica 'Brabant Giant' Unusual, use fruit when 'bletted' self fertile   autumn
  Mulberry 3 litre pots 3ft 15
5 litre pots 5ft 28
  Morus nigra Black Mulberry      
  NUTS 10 litre pots  4-5ft  22 each  
  Corylus av. 'Nottingham Reliable crops of medium size nuts pollinate with Halls Giant
  Corylus max Halls Giant Large nuts with sweet flavour pollinate with Nottingham
  Red Filbert Purple/red leaves and catkins. Large crops of good flavoured nut
  Purple Filbert excellent flavour though crops are small. Purple leaves & catkins make this an attractive small tree
  from November to March we have a much bigger range of soft fruit bare-rooted
See also our Bareroot Page
  Blueberries Highbush varieties. Need acid soil blueberry cultivation notes 
  Blue Crop, Jersey & Patriot 1lt pot   8 each ~ 5 for 35  
Blue Jay,
Pink Lemonade
3lt pot   12 each  
  Cranberries 11cm pot   8 each ~ 5 for 35   Cranberries need moist boggy conditions
  Early Black An early variety producing large juicy red/purple fruit Self fertile
  Pilgrim Large red fruit, reddish brown autumn foliage Self fertile
  Currants 2 litre pots  6.50 each see also Bareroot Soft Fruit
  Blackcurrant Ben Cannon Self fertile, fruit on new wood
  Redcurrant Red Lake Self fertile, fruit on old wood
  Whitecurrant White Versailles Self fertile, fruit on old wood
  Brown Turkey 3 litre pots  12 each self fertile
  Gooseberries 2 litre pots  6.50 each  
  Black Velvet Dark fruit, best for cooking  
  Invicta Green, dual purpose  
  Grapes 1 litre pots  8 each  
  Boskoop Glory Black grape, hardy  
  Vroege van de Laan Reliable white grape  
  Hybrid Berries later  
  Lingonberry 3 litre pots  12 each  
  Little Miss Cherry Sharp refreshing fruits, for damp acidic soil self fertile
  Raspberries 2 litre pots  6.50 each  
  Malling Jewel & Promise Summer fruiting  
  Autumn Bliss Autumn fruiting  
  Sea Buckthorn 2 litre pots  12 each  
  Askola Female, orange berries  
  Pollmix Male, to ensure you get fruit !  
  from November to March we have a much bigger range of soft fruit bare-rooted
See our Bareroot Page