Future Forests. Bulbs: All Suitable for Mail Order.  Updated 7th November 2016.

Smaller bulbs can be sent by post, larger ones by courier at 15 euro per order. We are happy to quote on individual orders. 
  Alliums  45 cent each, 5 for 2 euro  Stunning globes of sparkling flowers, tall stems in May/June
  A. aflatunense   sold out lilac, 40cm
  A.christophii  silvery pink, 35cm
  A. nigrum white, 60cm
  A. Purple Sensation  sold out purple, 90cm
  Nectaroscorum siculum  sold out delicate drooping pink flushed flowers 90cm
  Amaryllis    large bulbs 8 euro each, 2 for 15
  Christmas Star Peach red with white star centre
  Flamingo Pink and white
  Florida Deep orange
  Red Velvet Classic red
  Snow Queen Pure white
  Bluebells    Hyacinthoides non-scripta          Our native Bluebell
  in packs of 7 bulbs for 3.65  
  loose bulbs, grown in West Cork: 10 for 5 euro, 50 for 20 euro, 100 for 35 euro, 250 for 80 euro  ~  sold out.........we will have native Bluebells 'in the green' Spring 2017
  Crocus 10 bulbs for 1.50  
  Cream Beauty  Soft cream, fragrant 8cm
  Blue Pearl   Very pale blue, fragrant 8cm
  Dorothy   sold out Yellow striped bronze, fragrant 8cm
  fuscotinctus  Yellow feathered blue, fragrant 8cm
  Ruby Giant   Deep violet blue 8cm
  Fritillaria meleagris in packs of 12 bulbs for 3.65
  Snake's Head Fritillary   sold out mixed white to purple speckled flowers  20cm
  Fritillaria meleagris 'Alba' in packs of 7 bulbs for 3.65  pure white flowers 
  Grape Hyacinth  
  Muscari armeniacum,
Blue fragrant flowers 15cm March/April
 in packs of 30 bulbs for 2.95
  Muscari 'Siberian Tiger'
Large white flowerheads
in packs of 12 bulbs for 2.95
  Hyacinths  95c each. 5 for 4 euro  Prepared for Christmas flowering, all fragrant 
  City of Haarlem Pale yellow, 25cm
  Delft Blue   sold out Porcelain blue, 25cm
  Jan Bos   sold out Carmine red, 25cm
  Pink Pearl Rose pink, 25cm
  White Pearl Pure white, 25cm
  Hyacinth Glasses 2 euro each A great way for kids to watch them grow !
  Iris, Dutch Iris  45cm, June flowering Excellent for borders and as cut flowers
  Iris 'Black Beauty'  
deep violet and maroon
in packs of 15 bulbs for 3.65
  Iris 'Golden Beauty'
rich golden yellow  
in packs of 20 bulbs for 3.65
  Iris 'Red Ember'   sold out
striking red with yellow marking  
in packs of 10 bulbs for 3.65
  Daffodils, grown in West Cork:  3kg net 9 euro each
  Apotheose    sold out double yellow with orange trumpet
  Golden Ducat   sold out double yellow flowers
  Golden Harvest   sold out single large cup, deep yellow
  Red Devon          single yellow with orange trumpet
  Tamara yellow with large trumpet
  Narcissi,  packs of 5 for 3.65  Taller growing 40 to 45cm flowering March to April   Sorry, all sold out
  Avalanche fragrant multi-head white, yellow cup
  Blazing Starlet yellow with frilled orange edged cup
  Delnashaugh white, soft orange centre, scented
  Perfect Lady white single, deep pink trumpet, scent
  Pipe Major yellow, orange red cup, late flowering
  Sunny Girlfriend Cream, frilled soft orange trumpet
  Narcissi,  loose bulbs,  30 cent each, 5 for 1.30 euro   Sorry, all sold out
  February Gold   temp out of stock Yellow, one of the earliest to flower  25cm
  Jet Fire     temp out of stock Yellow with orange red trumpet  25cm
  Sail Boat   temp out of stock White with yellow cup  25cm
  Tresamble   temp out of stock Pure white
  Verdin   temp out of stock White with yellow cup
  Narcissi, Paperwhite Grandiflora      60 cent each, 10 for 5 euro
  Clusters of wonderfully fragrant white flowers to grow inside. Plant now to bloom at Christmas
  Snowdrops Galanthus nivalis  Woodland Snowdrop
   in packs of 15 for 3.65 in packs of 100 for 12 euro   sold out
  Tulips, border varieties    45c each, 5 bulbs for 3 euro 
  Ballerina orange, lily shape, 22ins
  Black Parrot dark feathered flowers, 20ins
  Dolls Minuet flame shape, red with green base 22ins
  Estella Runveld feathered red & white flowers 20ins
  Tres Chic pure white, 14ins
  Tulips, species varieties   5 bulbs for 3 euro 
  Honky Tonk Soft yellow with pink blush, 6ins
  Innuendo Double pink / white 18ins
  Little Beauty Red flushed purple, 4ins
  Persian Pearl Lilac red with white 4ins
  Queen of Night Satin black, 18ins
  Red Hunter Scarlet red, 8ins
  Seadov Deep red, 14ins
  Tinka Yellow and red, 10ins
  White Dream Classic white, 20ins
  Yokohama Rich yellow, 14ins

All of the above are available by Mail Order. Orders weighing over 7kg cost 15 euro by courier.
Orders weighing less than 7kg will be sent with An Post, cost from 5 to 14 euro depending on packed weight

We are happy to quote delivery costs on individual order.