Future Forests: Mixed Bareroot Hedging and Shelter Belts. Mail order available  Updated 9th February 2018. 
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Hedging Mixtures

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Bare-root plants are only for sale when dormant, from late October to early April.



Mixed hedges provide year round interest as well as encouraging wildlife. The following have proved especially popular but we are happy to make up mixtures to meet individual requirements.

  Please note that standard mixed hedges normally include a minimum of 5 to 7 different varieties.
Do let us know if there is anything you would particularly like us to include....or leave out.
  The Neat Natural Hedge  

average height of plants 1-2ft 

25 plants for 40,     50 plants for € 70,     100 plants for € 120
  Larger Plants average height  2-3ft  25 plants for 55,     50 plants  for 90,     100 plants for 150

A selection of native & naturalised hedgerow plants. A neat hedge that blends well with surrounding countryside.
Hawthorn is the backbone of this Natural Hedge. The mix is generally 60% Hawthorn and 40% other species.


Selection includes 5 to 7 of the following
Field Maple
Pic,  Hazel Pic, Hornbeam, Bird Cherry, Quickthorn Pic,  Buckthorn, Wild Rose Pic,  Viburnum  etc

  The Neat Natural Hedge and Trees  
  average height of plants 1-2ft  25 plants for 45,     50 plants for € 85,        100 plants for € 140
  Larger Plants average height  2-3ft 25 plants for 65,     50 plants  for 100,     100 plants for € 170

As for the Neat Natural Hedge above including some of the following trees. (av. 90% hedging plants + 10% trees)


Selection includes some of the following: Alder, Beech, Birch, Hornbeam, Rowan, Oak etc

  The Wildlife Fruiting Hedge  
  average height of plants 1-2ft  25 plants for 45,     50 plants for € 85,        100 plants for € 140
  Larger Plants average height  2-3ft 25 plants for 65,     50 plants  for € 100,     100 plants for € 170

A selection of native and naturalised hedgerow plants with berries or nuts for a taller hedge to encourage wildlife


Selection includes 5 to 8 of the following
Hazel Pic  Guelder Rose Pic  Bird Cherry Pic  Blackthorn Pic  Buckthorn, Spindle Pic  Elder Pic  Crabapple Pic  Wayfaring Tree, Wild Pear Pic

  Add an Evergreen element to your Mixed Hedge ! Although the Mixed Hedges above provide a dense year round screen, all of the plants loose their leaves in winter. Holly is native, evergreen & wildlife friendly.

If you would like us to add Holly to any of Hedges above, we can offer plants in small pots as follows:
10 Holly for 28  or   25 Holly  for 65

  The Seaside Hedge 25 plants for 65,     50 plants  for € 110,     100 plants for 200

An informal mix of  deciduous and evergreen plants for coastal areas


 Selection includes 5 to 8 of the following
Shrubby Cotoneasters,  Crataegus prunufolia,  Elaeagnus, Fuchsia, Gricellinia,  Hydrangea Pic  Holly Pic   Olearias Pic
  Japanese Privet  
Sea Buckthorn
Pic   Rosa rugosa Pic   and other sea hardy plants

  The 4 Seasons Hedge 25 plants for 70,     50 plants  for € 130,     100 plants for € 250

Flowers, berries and autumn colour. An informal hedge with year round interest reaching 6 to 10ft


Selection includes 5 to 8 of the following
Amelanchier,  Prunus pissardii Pic  Buddleia Pic  Mixed Dogwoods Pic  Cotoneasters Pic Spindle Pic  Forsythia, Flowering Currant Pic  Hypericum, Fuchsias Pic  Kerria, etc.

  The Permaculture Hedge 25 plants for 70,     50 plants  for € 130,     100 plants for € 250

A deluxe hedge with edible fruits for preserves, wines or just enjoying. This hedge can include:


Selection includes 5 to 8 of the following
Amelanchier,  Aronia Pic  Blackthorn Pic  Bullace, Elder Pic   Hazel Pic  Cornellian Cherry Pic    
Pic, Berberis vulgaris, Quince (Chaenomeles) Pic  Cherry Plum Pic   Elaeagnus, Rosa Rugosa Pic  Scarlet Hawthorn etc

  A Mixed Flowering Hedge 25 plants for 70,     50 plants  for € 130,     100 plants for € 250

Hardy flowering shrubs, some evergreen, for a colourful informal hedge. Plants can include the following:


Selection includes 5 to 8 of the following
Deutzia,  Forsythia Pic, Fuchsia Pic,  Ribes Pic,  Physocarpus, Hydrangea Pic  Hypericum, Philadelphus Pic  Privet, Japanese & variegated , Spirea Pic  Weigela Pic 

  Unusual Flowering Hedges ~ Single Species 25 plants for 75,     50 plants  for 125
  Many flowering shrubs make an attractive hedge in their own right, giving a blast of colour when in bloom,
They are ideal for shorter hedges or to divide your garden into different 'rooms'. We can offer the following
  Bridal Wreath        Spiraea arguta Airy cascades of white flowers late spring to early summer
  Flowering Currant   Ribes sanguineum Upright growth, rosy pink flowers in early spring
  Flowering Quince  Chaenomeles japonica Waxy pink flowers in spring, thorny, good against a wall
  Forsythia                Forsythia spectabilis Masses of yellow flowers brighten February, green leaves have good autumn tints
  Hypericum             Hypericum 'Hidcote' Dark evergreen foliage, large golden flowers in summer

Of course, common flowering shrubs like Rosa rugosa, Fuchsia etc also make excellent hedges. For these, please see Bareroot Hedging




You don't have to be a farmer to avail of these discounts....they are open to everyone

  Planting a New Hedgerow for GLAS 2016-17 ?
       please see our
GLAS pages or click
     Hawthorn / Quickthorn / Whitethorn   (Crataegus monogyna)  

A dense thorny hedge, stock-proof and ideal for field boundaries. It clips well, providing habitat for birds, insects & other wildlife


100 plants for 55

500 plants for 250

1,000 plants for 480
     Mixed Natural Hedging  

Attractive, practical and good for wildlife. This hedge is 80% native Hawthorn with 20% other native & naturalised hedging plants


500 plants for 150 meters:   400 

  1,000 plants for 300 metres   700
     Holly (Ilex aquifolium)  can also be added to your order for these hedges. A wildlife friendly, native evergreen.

10 plants for 28

 25 plants for 65

50 plants for 125
  Mixed Broadleaf Trees: Perfect for copses, small woods or planting along your hedgerow
  We offer bundles of common broadleaved trees like Alder, Aspen, Beech, Birch, Hornbeam, Oak, Rowan, Willow as follows

A mix of 3ft+ whips

  20 trees for 60

50 trees for 125

A mix of stronger trees, 4 to 5ft

  20 trees for 90

 50 trees for 200



50 trees for € 150

  100 trees for 250
  For maximum effect where space allows, we recommend planting 3 staggered rows allowing 2 to 3 metres between rows and between trees within the rows.
The following includes both deciduous and evergreen varieties and we are always happy to discuss your options.
  For a Coastal Shelterbelt We suggest a selection of the following young trees
  First line of defence Pines, Alders, Eucalyptus, Sycamore, Silver Poplar
  Middle Row Some of the above plus Sessile, Turkey and Holm Oak, Whitebeams, Wych Elm, Sweet Chestnut
  Inner Row, smaller trees / large shrubs Holly, Sea Buckthorn, Hawthorns, Spindle, Blackthorn, Grisselinia, Elaeagnus, Olearia, Fuchsias.
  For a Shelterbelt Inland Most of the above would be suitable, also
  Outer Rows Hornbeam, most Spruces, Beech, Sweet Chestnut, Norway Maple, Poplar & Willow
  Inner row, lower growing Rowan, Amelanchier, Field Maple

For all Hedges and Shelterbelts, please advise if your site is especially wet, dry, exposed or by the coast
 so we can select suitable plants


Plants listed above will be available from November to March while stocks last

  Please see Bareroot Hedging for quantity prices of individual species or varieties
  Please see Potted Hedging for summer planting