Future Forests: Tree Fruit and Nuts  bare-root & in 2lt pots  Available by Mail Order.  Updated 29th April 2016.

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Bare-root Fruit Trees are only for sale when dormant, from late October to early April.
This was our list at the end of the spring season. Most trees, including those marked 'Sold Out' will be available again in the autumn, although there may be some variations in heights and prices.

  For Fruit Trees in pots to plant NOW, please see Potted Fruit
For Traditional Apple Trees for GLAS Orchards, please click here
  APPLE TREES ~ Eaters, Dual Purpose, Cookers and Cider apples      
  Bare-root Trees 1 year old maidens 3-4ft 15 euro each  
  2 year trees, bushy 4 to 6ft   18 euro each  
  Potted Trees 1 year whips  3-4ft 15 euro each  
  2 year trees  4-5ft 18 euro each  
  Pollination Trees require a pollinator in the same flowering group (A, B, C etc) or the one immediately above or below. Some marked * require 2 different varieties to ensure all trees are pollinated
  Rootstocks M27 = very dwarf tree      M9 = dwarf tree   (both need permanent staking)
M26 = small tree.             MM106 =  tall tree for poor ground.  MM111 = larger orchard trees.
The relative vigour of each variety also affects the eventual size.

For more detailed notes on apple planting, pruning and rootstocks, see here

  Traditional Irish Apples ▲ indicates an old Irish variety generally acceptable for planting under the new GLAS schemes:
 ....as long as the trees are on the stronger rootstocks MM106 & MM111
  Abbreviations: sf = self fertile         psf = partially self fertile       * = triploid, 2 different pollinators required
    tp = tip bearer (take note when pruning)               AGM = Award of Garden Merit from the RHS
  DESSERT / EATING APPLES     (no rootstock = not available in this  category)            available on the rootstocks listed below
  Variety    Brief Description Flower
Eat/Keep 1 year old potted 1 year old bareroot 2 year old broot/ pot
Ard Cairn Russet Red/yellow, dry, firm and sweet, old Cork variety A/B Oct-Feb M27, M9   MM106
  Bardsey the 'sainted' apple   Pink/cream, lemon scent, refreshing, pick & eat B Sep     M 26
Beauty of Bath   Red/yellow, sweet and juicy A   Tp August   MM106 MM106
  Ben's Red   Small juicy red apple, good scab resistance B Oct     M 26
Blood of the Boyne   Red with strawberry flavour A Aug-Sept     MM106
  Braeburn   Red flushed, crisp, sweet and juicy, needs sunny sheltered site C psf Oct-Mar all sold out
Brown Crofton Good flavour, disease resistant C* Nov-Jan     MM106
MM106 pot
  Cavan Sugarcane Golden yellow skin, crisp and sweet B Sep-Oct M9    
  Chivers Delight   Crisp, juicy, sweet honey flavour, keeps well C Oct-Dec     M 26
  Cornish Aromatic   Red flushed, slight russeting, pear drop flavour C Oct-Feb     M 26
  Cornish Gillyflower   Dark red stripes over gold, rich flavour B Oct-Nov     M 26
  Crispin   (Mutsu)   Greenish yellow, crisp, sweet & juicy B* Oct-Jan     M 26
Dick Davies Peach/red , rich taste, old Cork apple A/B Sep-Dec M27, M9   MM106 pot
MM111 pot
Pic Discovery   AGM   Crimson skin, crisp and juicy, reliable B Aug-Sep all sold out
Pic Egremont Russet  AGM   1880 Crisp with sweet nutty flavour A Oct-Dec all sold out
Pic Ellisons Orange  AGM   Juicy, aniseed flavour, hardy C sf   Sep-Oct     M 26
Elstar, red   Heavy crops of juicy apples, Keeps well B Oct-Jan   MM106  
  Dessert / eating apples contd             (no rootstock = not available in this  category)        available on the rootstocks listed below
  Variety    Brief Description Flower
Eat/Keep 1 year old potted 1 year old bareroot 2 year old broot / pot
  Falstaff   Sweet crisp fruit. Disease resistant frost tolerant B psf Oct-Jan all sold out
  Falstaff, red   Like Falstaff but with red skin B psf Oct-Jan   MM106  
Fiesta    AGM   Like Cox but more reliable, prolific B Oct-Mar   MM106  
Gibbon's Russet Cidery taste, firm sharp flesh, Cork 1897 A/B Sep-Dec M9   MM106
  Green Chisel Crisp & crunchy, juicy white flesh. Co Donegal B Sep-Oct all sold out
Pic Greensleeves AGM   Hardy, crisp & tangy, parent Golden Delicious B sf Sep-Nov     MM106
Irish Peach Small and juicy, pick and eat...delicious A Aug M27, M9   MM111 pot
Pic James Grieve   Yellow/orange good flavour, soft & juicy B Sep-Oct     MM106
Pic Katy   Red and juicy, heavy reliable cropper B Sep-Oct     MM106
  Keegans Crab Large green fruit, crisp and sweet. Armagh C Tp Oct-Feb M9    
  Kemp Crisp, juicy, good flavour and disease resistance. Beautiful pink blossom. Armagh B/C Sep-Oct M27, M9 MM106 MM106
Pic Kerry Pippin      Small with rich fruity taste, Old Irish apple A Aug M27, M9   MM106
MM111 pot
Lady's Finger of Offaly Oblong fruit, sweet flesh 1851 C Oct M9   MM106 pot
Laxton's Superb   Yellow/red, sweet juicy, tolerant of cold sites C   Tp Nov-Feb     MM106
Lord Lambourne  AGM   Bright striped fruit juicy and aromatic A Oct-Nov all sold out
Pic Lough Tree of Wexford Small red fruit, vigorous, old Irish apple A Sept-Oct M27, M9   MM106
MM111 pot
  Meridian   Heavy crops orange red fruit, bred from Cox B Oct-Nov   M 26  
  Peche Melba Pink/orange, peach like flesh but sharp flavour
Kilkenny early 1900s
A/B Aug-Sep M27, M9 MM106 MM106
MM106 pot
  Pitmaston Pine Apple   Small conical fruit, honey flavour, raised 1785 B Sept-Oct   M 26  
Pixie   AGM   Lots of small but delicious fruit, great for kids C Nov-Mar all sold out
Rawley's Seedling Cox-like, but hardier, old Cork apple B Nov  M9   MM111 pot
Reid's Seedling Large, sweet & juicy, Armagh late 1800s C Oct-Nov   MM106 MM106
Pic Ross Nonpareil Gold brown russet, good flavour, Meath 1802
fruits stay on the tree long after leaf fall
A Nov-Jan M27, M9   M27
Royal Gala   Small red fruits, excellent flavour B Oct-Jan     M 26
  Rubinette   Exceptional flavour crisp & juicy, needs good site B Oct-Dec   M 26  
Sam Young
syn Irish Russet
Delicious little apple of the highest quality B Nov-Feb M27, M9   MM111
MM106 pot
Scarlet Crofton Dark red flush, sweet & spicy, Sligo 1500 A/B Sep-Nov  M9   MM111
MM106 pot
Spartan                          Dark red fruit, sweet and crisp, white flesh B Nov-Jan all sold out
  Sunset   AGM   Like Cox but hardier, heavy crops B Oct-Dec   MM106 MM106
Tydeman's Late Orange   Aromatic, Cox-like fruit excellent for storage C Oct-Apr all sold out
  Widow's Friend Very juicy, soft, sweet white flesh Co Armagh B Sep-Oct all sold out
  Winston   Sweet yet sharp, aromatic & nutty C pTp Oct-Mar   MM106  
  Winter Gem   Firm, crisp with aromatic flavour, best keeper B Nov-Mar   MM106  
Pic Worcester Pearmain AGM   Delicious orange red fruit, reliable 1874 B Sep-Oct     MM106
DUAL PURPOSE ~ sharp at first, sweeten in store     (no rootstock = not available in this  category)        available on the rootstocks listed below
  Variety    Brief Description Flower
Eat/Keep 1 year old potted 1 year old bareroot 2 year old broot / pot
Pic Allington Pippin   Yellow flushed red, pineapple flavour B/C Sep-Dec     M 26
American Mother   Sweet and juicy, needs sun C Oct-Nov     M 26
Pic Ballyfatten Large & firm, excellent for baking. B Oct-Dec M27, M9   MM106
MM106 pot
Ballyvaughan Seedling Sweet and Crisp B Nov M27   MM106
Blenheim Orange   AGM   1800's dry nutty flavour C* Nov-Jan     M 26
Pic Charles Ross   AGM   Old favourite large and colourful. ok on lime B Oct-Jan   MM106  
  Crawley Beauty   Red flushed orange, cooks to puree. D Oct     M 26
  Greasy Pippin Smooth skin, needs little sugar when cooked and sweetens well in store B Sep-Nov M9
Kilkenny Pearmain Sweet and crisp, Old Irish apple B Sept M27, M9   MM106
  Mrs Perry Creamy white flesh, crisp B Sep M27, M9    
COOKING APPLES     (no rootstock = not available in this  category)        available on the rootstocks listed below
  Variety    Brief Description Flower
Eat/Keep 1 year old potted 1 year old bareroot 2 year old broot / pot
Annie Elizabeth   Golden, speckled, best keeper C Dec-May all sold out
Arthur Turner  AGM   Large fruits, hardy, lovely pink blossom B Sep-Oct all sold out
Bloody Butcher Deep red skin, firm white flesh, sharp and juicy B Oct-Nov M27, M9   M27
MM106 pot
Bountiful   Large fruit, compact growth, disease resistant B Sep-Jan all sold out
Bramley Seedling  AGM  

Well known cooking apple, large & juicy



  Bramley Clone 20   More compact, excellent garden tree heavy crops



all sold out
Catshead   Large green fruit cooks to a sharp puree B Oct-Jan all sold out
Crimson Bramley   Crimson form of the well known Bramley B* Oct-Mar all sold out
Early Victoria  

Cooks to sweet fluff, hardy & prolific



all sold out
  Ecklinville Seedling Large apples great for baking, Co Down 1800 B Oct-Dec all sold out
  Glenstal Cooker Large apples, green flushed red. Good disease resitance. Limerick C Sep-Oct M27    
Golden Noble  AGM  

Golden fruit, high vitamin C, sweet flavour



Pic Grenadier   AGM  

Large early fruit, reliable and a good pollinator



all sold out
Howgate Wonder  

Heavy crops of very large fruit



    M 26
  Keswick Codling   Cooks to a creamy puree, heavy crops A Sep-Oct   M 26  
Lanes Prince Albert AGM   Hardy compact tree, good keeper, used for cider C Oct-Mar     M 26
Lord Derby   Large & green, firm flesh C sf Oct-Dec     M 26
  Munster Tulip Yellow striped carmine v. sharp (Offaly 1950) A/B Oct     MM106
  Newton Wonder  AGM   Juicy late cooker, vigorous D Oct-Mar     M 26
Peasgood Nonsuch  AGM   Old variety, huge golden fruits A Sep-Nov     M 26
Rev Wilks           Large yellow fruits B Oct-Nov   M 26  
Uncle John's Cooker Wind resistant, red fruit hangs well on tree! B Dec M27, M9   M27
CIDER APPLES     (no rootstock = not available in this  category)        available on the rootstocks listed below
  Variety    Brief Description Flower
Eat/Keep 1 year old potted 1 year old bareroot 2 year old broot / pot
  Camelot   Mild Bittersharp. Somerset 1934 C mid Oct all sold out
  Chisel Jersey   Bittersweet, red flushed fruit Somerset 1950s D sf Nov all sold out
  Dabinette   Bittersweet, Prolific single vintage Somerset 1961 C sf Nov all sold out
  Dunkerton Late Sweet   Sweet apple for a fruity cider, Somerset 1940s C Nov     MM106
  Hereford Redstreak   Bittersharp red colour single vintage, 17th century C Nov     MM106
  Sweet Pethyre   Bittersweet , a fine single vintage cider Somerset C Nov all sold out
  Tom Putt   Old english variety, large fruit, good disease resistance. Also used as a cooker B/C Sep   M 26  
CIDER APPLES    ~    Specialist Varieties.             25 euro each.
We now have limited stocks of the following as 1 year maidens on rootstock mm106
  Black Dabinette   Bittersweet, dark purple flushed fruit. More robust than Dabinette C Nov      
  Kinston Black
syn Taunton Black
  Bittersharp suitable for single variety cider. Deep red skin C Nov      
  Michelin   Bittersweet, reliable French variety good for blending B/C late Oct - Nov      
  CRABAPPLES (Malus) 1 year grafts   €15       Excellent pollinators, fruit can be used for jellies & wines     See our broadleaf trees


  CHERRIES 1yr  €18      2yr  €22     Colt rootstock



  Lapins Cherokee  sold out Large sweet black fruits, garden favourite self fertile Late July
  Merton Glory sold out Sweet yellow/red, good disease resistance Stella, Sunburst

Late June

Pic Morello     AGM 2yr only Cooking cherry,  hardy good on north walls self fertile August
  Noire de Gubin 2yr only Large sweet black cherries Merton Glory Late July
Pic Stella AGM 1 and 2yr Dark red, sweet, juicy & reliable self fertile Late July
  Stella is also available as an older tree 7ft+ at 30 euro    
  Sunburst     sold out Large black fruit, sweet  & great flavour self fertile Early July
  Compact Cherries Trees on rootstock 'Gisela 5'   2yr  €22    These form a  more compact tree reaching 8 to 10ft when mature
Pic Morello     AGM 2yr only Cooking cherry,  hardy good on north walls self fertile August
Pic Stella AGM sold out Dark red, sweet, juicy & reliable self fertile Late July
  FIGS  Ficus carica   please see Soft Fruit    
Pic MEDLARS  1yr    16  Mespilus germanicacus self fertile Autumn
  Dutch Monstrous   Unusual small russet brown fruits, use in jellies when 'bletted'  
  MULBERRY, black potted 5ft    28       Morus nigra                   self fertile
  PEACHES 2yr    22       Peaches are best grown under protection and hand pollinated
  Peregrine SOLD OUT Juicy with good flavour and heavy crops self fertile hand pollinate August
  PEARS 1yr old  € 15    2yr old  18     rootstock Quince A

Pollination Group

Pick / Use

  Beth   AGM sold out Melting flesh, high yields group B late aug / sept
  Beurre Hardy   AGM 2 year only Juicy, good flavour, tolerant of poor soil group B mid sept / oct
  Beurre Superfin 2 year only Rich with sweet flavour group B October
Pic Concorde   AGM sold out Good flavour and juicy self fertile, group C late oct / nov-dec
Pic Conference   AGM 2 year only Medium size, sweet, most reliable self fertile, group B late sept / oct-nov
Pic Doyenne du Comice AGM sold out Superb quality & flavour, needs warmth group C mid oct / nov-dec
  Louise Bonne Jersey AGM 2 year only White, sweet melting  flesh group A

late sept / october

Pic Williams Bon Chretien AGM 2 year only V juicy, regular good cropper group B/C

aug / sept

  Perry Pears      


  Brandy sold out Single vintage, Gloucestershire 19 century group C pick Oct
  Hellen's Early 2 year only Single vintage from Herefordshire group C pick Sept
  PLUMS, GAGES & DAMSONS 1yr old  €16   2yr old  €20   St Julien A

Pollination Group


  Cambridge Gage  AGM sold out Small sweet yellow green fruit. v reliable self fertile, group B late Aug
  Coe's Golden Drop sold out Juicy yellow Gage, superb but needs good site group B August
  Czar  AGM 2yr only Hardy dark purple cooker self fertile, group C late July
Pic Denistons Superb AGM 2yr only Large sweet Gage. hardy self fertile, group B late Aug
  Early Transparent Gage 2yr, 3ft Very sweet melting golden flesh, reliable self fertile, group B early Aug
Jubilee Plum  2yr only Blue/black eater bred from Victoria self fertile, group C late Aug/early Sep
Pic Marjories Seedling  AGM 2yr only Purple dual-purpose plum self fertile, group D Sept-Oct
Old Greengage sold out Sweet aromatic green fruit partially s/f,  group C late Aug
Opal  AGM 1yr only Red skin, yellow flesh, sweet self fertile, group B late July
    Also available on dwarf Pixy rootstock. Please see below    
Oullins Golden Gage AGM 2yr only Large dual-purpose gage self fertile, group C mid Aug
Pic Victoria  AGM 1 and 2yr Dual purpose quality red plum self fertile, group B late Aug
    Also available on dwarf Pixy rootstock. Please see below    
  Warwickshire Drooper 2yr only Heavy crops of yellow plums. Dual purpose self fertile, group B September
Yellow Pershore 2yr only Golden-yellow cooker, excellent for jam self fertile, group C mid Aug
  Damsons Sorry All Damsons now sold out    
  Farleigh  sold out Small blue/black fruit, good in the north partially sf, group B September
Pic Merryweather sold out Sharp, for cooking, jam & wine self fertile, group B late Sept
    Also available on dwarf Pixy rootstock. Please see below    
Shropshire Prune  AGM sold out One of the best damsons self fertile, group C early Sept
  Plums & Damsons on Dwarf rootstock 'Pixy'   2 year old  € 20    
  Opal 2yr only Red skin, yellow flesh, sweet self fertile, group B late July
  Victoria 2yr only Dual purpose quality red plum self fertile, group B late Aug
  Damson Merryweather sold out Sharp, for cooking, jam & wine self fertile, group B late Sept
  Mirabelle de Nancy   Traditional in French patisseries, stone separates cleanly from the flesh. Partially self fertile but best grown with Plums, Gages or Damsons from Pollination group B or wild Cherry Plum early Sept
Pic Cherry Plum 2-3ft  3 Prunus cerasifera Myrobalan    not grafted  
    3-4ft  6 Bushy tree with white flowers and small red and yellow fruits  
    4-5ft  8    
  QUINCE Cydonia oblonga 1 yr old   € 16    Pick in October when green, store 6 weeks until they become yellow
  Meeches Prolific   Bright golden yellow pear shaped fruit of excellent flavour self-fertile
  Vranja   Very fragrant, pale green, large fruit, ripen golden yellow self fertile
  ALMOND     2yr   22   
  Prunus dulcis 'Robijin' Beautiful pink blossom, nuts in good years self fertile needs a good site
  COBNUTS and FILBERTS   10 each, any 10 for   80
Corylus avellana and maxima
Pollinate with:
  Cosford SOLD OUT Heavy crops of  large oblong nuts,  good sweet flavour partially self fertile, Hall's Giant. (a good pollinator)
  Nottingham Cob   (Pearson's Prolific) Reliable crops of medium-sized nuts, good flavour Cosford & Hall's Giant
  Red Filbert  Purple/red leaves and catkins. Large crops of good flavoured nuts  
  Halls Giant, Filbert 
(Geante de Halles)
Large nuts with sweet flavour  Cosford & Nottingham
  Purple Filbert Nuts have an excellent flavour though crops are small. Purple leaves & catkins make this an attractive small tree  
  Native Hazel (Corylus avellana) is also a good pollinator for all the Cobnuts and Filberts, plant within 100 metres on the windy side!


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