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Plants for GLAS
Future Forests, Kealkil, Bantry, Co. Cork
027 66176              

GLAS 2016-17   ~   Traditional Apple Orchards          Updated: 7th. February 2017

To ensure the survival of old fruit varieties, enhancing the visual & historical value of the landscape

1)  Area to be fenced off a minimum 0.05 hectares
2)  10 Apple trees: traditional Irish varieties
3)  Recommended rootstock: MM111 or MM106
4)  Planting distance: trees must be 7m apart in all directions
5)  Trees must have stakes and ties

Pollination: Trees need a pollinator in the same Flower Group (A,B,C) or the group immediately above or below it

Rootstocks: MM106 =  tall tree good on poor ground.
                   MM111 =  larger orchard tree

Apple Blossom

For more detailed notes on apple planting, pruning and rootstocks, click here

Future Forests has been supplying traditional Irish Apple Trees for over 25 years.
All our Apple trees are Irish grown and approved by GLAS for this scheme. This season we can offer the following varieties on the rootstocks listed below but supplies are limited and early booking is advisable.
Potted Trees are in stock now. Bare-root trees will be available from mid November

1 year maiden trees: 
15 each       2 year old trees   18 each
2.50 each Ties 2' 1.50 each  ~  10 stakes with ties 40
                   Delivery (where required) 

We are happy to select a mix of 10 suitable trees to ensure cross pollination for collection or mail order
with stakes  & ties if required

Variety  Brief Description Flower
Eat/Keep 1 year potted 1 year bareroot 2 year
2 year
DESSERT / EATING APPLES          (no rootstock = not available in this  category)       available on the rootstocks listed below
Ard Cairn Russet Red/yellow, dry, firm and sweet, old Cork variety A/B Oct-Feb MM106      
Brown Crofton Good flavour, disease resistant C* Nov-Jan MM106      
Cavan Sugarcane Golden yellow skin, crisp and sweet B Sep-Oct MM106      
Dick Davies Peach/red , rich taste, old Cork apple A/B Sep-Dec MM106      
Gibbon's Russet Cidery taste, firm sharp flesh, Cork 1897 A/B Sep-Dec MM106      
Green Chisel Crisp & crunchy, juicy white flesh. Co Donegal B Sep-Oct   MM106    
Irish Peach Small and juicy, pick and eat...delicious A Tp Aug MM106      
Keegans Crab Large green fruit, crisp and sweet. Armagh C Tp Oct-Feb MM106      
Kemp Crisp, juicy, good flavour and disease resistance. Beautiful pink blossom. Armagh B/C Sep-Oct MM106      
Kerry Pippin      Small with rich fruity taste, Old Irish apple A Aug MM106 MM106    
Lady's Finger of Offaly Oblong fruit, sweet flesh 1851 C Oct MM106      
Lough Tree of Wexford Small red fruit, vigorous, old Irish apple A Sept-Oct MM106      
Peche Melba Pink/orange, peach like flesh but sharp flavour
Kilkenny early 1900s
A/B Aug-Sep MM106      
Ross Nonpareil Gold brown russet, good flavour, Meath 1802
fruits stay on the tree long after leaf fall
A Nov-Jan MM106 MM106   MM106
Sam Young
syn Irish Russet
Delicious little apple of the highest quality B Nov-Feb MM106      
Scarlet Crofton Dark red flush, sweet & spicy, Sligo 1500 A/B Sep-Nov MM106      
Widow's Friend Very juicy, soft, sweet white flesh Co Armagh B Sep-Oct   MM106    
Variety  Brief Description Flower
Eat/Keep 1 year potted 1 year bareroot 2 year
2 year
DUAL PURPOSE APPLES       Sharp at first, these sweeten in store
Ballyfatten Large & firm, excellent for baking. B Oct-Dec MM106 MM106 MM106 MM111
Ballyvaughan Seedling Sweet and Crisp B Nov MM106      
Greasy Pippin Smooth skin, needs little sugar when cooked and sweetens well in store B Sep-Nov MM106      
Kilkenny Pearmain Sweet and crisp, Old Irish apple B Sept MM106      
Bloody Butcher Deep red skin, firm white flesh, sharp and juicy B Oct-Nov MM106      
Ecklinville Seedling Large apples great for baking, Co Down 1800 B Oct-Dec   MM106    
Glenstal Cooker Large apples, green flushed red. Good disease resitance. Limerick C Sep-Oct MM106      
Munster Tulip Yellow striped carmine v. sharp (Offaly 1950) A/B Oct   MM106    
Uncle John's Cooker Wind resistant, red fruit hangs well on tree! B Dec MM106      

We are happy to select a mix of 10 suitable trees to ensure cross pollination for collection or mail order
with stakes  & ties if required

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Future Forests also supplies many other Apple varieties as well as Pears, Plums, Cherries. Nuts etc as well as a wide range of soft fruit bushes but these are not eligible for GLAS
For our full list of all Fruit Trees: please see Bareroot Fruit Trees or click here
EEC Plant Passport:     IRL / DAFF / 7731
VAT Reg No 4653496M
Fruit trees are zero vat, delivery includes Vat @ 13.5%
Stakes & ties include vat @ 23%

Future Forests
Kealkil, Bantry, Co.Cork
00 353 (0)27 66176