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Plants for GLAS
Future Forests, Kealkil, Bantry, Co. Cork
027 66176              

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GLAS 2016-17   ~   New Hedgerows                              Updated: 10th February 2018
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To increase biodiversity, enhance the landscape & provide a barrier and shelter for livestock

1)  A continuous length of at least 10m of new hedgerow
2)  Planting distance: 6 plants per metre in a double row
3)  Plants must be any of the following varieties
     Whitethorn     Crataegus monogyna
Blackthorn   Prunus spinoza
Holly          Ilex aquifolium     or any mix of these
4)  Hedgerows must be protected from livestock, trimmed as required and kept clean of competing vegetation

Blackthorn in flower

Future Forests has been supplying native Hedging for over 25 years.
We are registered & inspected by DAFM and approved by GLAS for this scheme.
Plant passports will be supplied with all orders
This season we can offer Whitethorn, Blackthorn & Holly and a Mixed Hedge of all 3 varieties as follows.
  Whitethorn / Quickthorn / Hawthorn   (Crataegus monogyna)          Bare-root plants
A dense thorny hedge, stock-proof and ideal for field boundaries. It clips well, providing habitat for birds, insects & other wildlife
Grade 100 plants 500 plants 1,000 plants
1-2ft 55 250 480
2-3ft 70 325 620
  Blackthorn   (Prunus spinoza)           Bare-root plants
Vigorous with sharp thorns. White flowers before the leaves in early spring, black sloes in autumn
Grade 100 plants 500 plants  
1-2ft 60 280  
2-3ft 80 350  
   Holly   (Ilex aquifolium)      In small pots
           Prickly evergreen leaves, red berries on female plants, forms a dense hedge when clipped.
Grade 10 plants 60 plants 100 plants    
9"-1ft in 9cm pot 28 162 250    
   A Mixed Hedge      90% Thorns and 10% Holly
            Mixed Hedges are benefit a wider variety of wild life, look natural and the Holly adds an evergreen element
60 plants 100 plants 500 plants
50 70 375
Plants can be delivered or collected from the nursery
Courier Delivery: 
15 per order   ~   Pallet Delivery:  65 per order
If you plan to collect, please email or ring in advance so we can have your plants and paperwork ready.
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Future Forests also supplies a wide range of other hedging plants for gardens & farmers,  inland or by the sea but these are not eligible for GLAS

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EEC Plant Passport:     IRL / DAFF / 7731

VAT Reg No 4653496M
Prices above include Vat @ 13.5%

Future Forests
Kealkil, Bantry, Co.Cork
00 353 (0)27 66176